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Fulfillment - Allowing You to Focus on Your Core Business…

Outsourced fulfillment services
Logo’d Gear has specialized in order fulfillment in every sense of the word. We have picked, packed, and shipped orders to bolster the marketing programs for a multitude of industry leading clients, as well as fulfilling orders for their customers and sales staffs. Pick and pack fulfillment, shipping services, literature fulfillment, kit assembly, collating … we have built our fulfillment business on it.

By providing all of these services, we have made it easier for businesses to focus on what they do best. And, with our years of experience, customers know they can count on the Logo’d Gear for timely, reliable services. Don’t lose focus on your core business, let us handle all of your fulfillment needs while you concentrate on the products and services that have made your company successful.

At our fulfillment center, our professional staff works with companies in need of order fulfillment and product fulfillment services to provide comprehensive assistance in all aspects of business operations. Our commitment to investing in our processes and customer service means we continuously look to improve our offering to our clients and provide fulfillment services that are faster, more accurate, and provide greater cost-savings to you.

At Logo’d Gear, we know your staff and your customers expect shipments to be accurate and on time. We understand how important it is to maximize the customer service experience, build loyalty, and reduce costs. Late or inaccurate shipments can have a large impact on your customer or employees satisfaction. The aggravation and costs associated with waiting for late shipments or returning inaccurate shipments can drive people to other businesses. At Logo’d Gear, our focus is on providing your customers with the fastest, most accurate shipping solutions.

With hundreds of shipments handled per day, we understand we’re an extension of your brand; this takes knowledge and focus. Through sophisticated warehouse management and a highly trained staff, we make sure the fulfillment operation is fast, reliable and accurate.

Logo’d Gear understands customer satisfaction is at the core of success. When we handle order fulfillment, our staff is keenly aware of the importance of careful, accurate picking and distribution. We realize that in acting on your behalf while serving you and your customers, we are also entrusted with the well-deserved reputation you’ve already built.

When distributing orders to your customers, we always focus on maintaining the speed and quality your customers have come to expect. At Logo’d Gear, we take our responsibility to your staff and customers as seriously as you do: ensuring satisfaction is our primary goal.

Innovative fulfillment solutions in various industries and channels to the end user gives us valuable insight when handling, packaging and shipping products on behalf of our clients. Detailed procedures and longstanding relationships across our industry leave our clients free to focus on other aspects of business development by utilizing our fulfillment outsourcing capabilities. Logo’d Gear has commitment to, and experience in, all aspects of inventory storage, management and delivery.

Ecommerce order fulfillment
Through our fully integrated eCommerce platform we can handle eCommerce operations from beginning to end, from the placement of an order to its packaging and delivery. Logo’d Gear is continuously expanding this aspect of our company in order to provide clients with innovative solutions for their online marketplace. As our client’s eCommerce needs expand and evolve, we will continue to stay ahead of this emerging technology, ensuring our clients and their customers are always satisfied with the service they receive.

We offer a wide range of services in our third party fulfillment programs. Our marketing fulfillment and promotional fulfillment services are designed to provide delivery of our client’s products and marketing materials on short notice, without sacrificing quality. In the same vein, Logo’d Gear is experienced in delivering print fulfillment services in support of their promotional or marketing applications.

We’ve seen it all and done it all. No matter if your orders are shipped by the envelope, the carton, or by the pallet; we will get your job done and provide value for both you, your employees and your customers. We have the experience, resources and personnel to provide all of your fulfillment needs. Logo’d Gear, truly is your one stop shop for order picking, distribution and shipping solutions.

Lower costs. Accurate shipments. Faster delivery. Higher quality.

Contact us about our Fulfillment Services:

-         Catalog Fulfillment
-         E-Commerce Fulfillment
-         Fulfillment Online Inventory Store
-         Fulfillment Services
-         Kitting, Collation and Assembly
-         Literature Fulfillment
-         Marketing Fulfillment
-         Pick, Pack and Ship Services
-         Print Fulfillment Services
-         Promotional Product Fulfillment
-         Secure Inventory Management and Control
-         Special Handling
-         Third-Party Fulfillment
-         Value Added Services (Personalization, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap)

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