Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime Protection From Logo'd Gear

It's been a hot, dry summer, and likely to get hotter. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), more Americans die from heat than from any other weather phenomenon. This underscores the importance of remaining cool and well-hydrated. Logo'd Gear offers the perfect promotional items to ward off the heat during any outdoor summer activity.

Personal misters are ultra-refreshing, and Logo'd Gear offers the highest-quality ABS plastic. These misters never need batteries, come in a variety of bright colors, and offer plenty of room for a corporate logo.

Battery-operated mini-fans offer immediate cooling relief with minimal effort. A screen printed logo reminds users of who is providing this respite from the misery of a sweltering day. Some styles also offer neck cords, writs cords, or LED lights.

Drinking plenty of water is vital on hot days, especially if people are participating in sports events. Logo'd Gear offers bottled natural spring water, custom-labeled with full, four-color printing. Bulk purchasing can bring the price down as low as 24 cents a bottle.

Branded windshield shades and side window shades keep cars cooler while folks are enjoying summer festivities.

A fridge or freezer full of cold packs can offer quick cooling for hot skin or first aid for a sprain or bruise. Logo'd Gear sells both reusable and biodegradable single-use ice packs. Like all Logo'd Gear products, these ice packs are a great way to spread branding with a company logo.

Heat isn't the only summer risk. Assorted sunscreen products, including lotions, zinc sticks, and sprays, protect against sunburn and are available in a variety of bottles, sticks, and single-use pouches ready for branding. For those who miss a spot or forget to use sunscreen, Logo'd gear also offers soothing aloe gel. Logo-ready UV detectors display the temperature and the intensity of UV rays -- vital information for outdoor events.

Branded sunglasses or visors protect the eyes from glare. Logo'd Gear can add a corporate logo or team mascot to sunglasses in scores of styles, from fun and simple to ultra-stylish.

To deal with minor injuries at outdoor events, first aid kits are invaluable, whether they're mini kits for personal use or larger kits to keep at a first aid station. Kits come in a variety of styles and colors, from sturdy boxes to flexible soft-side bags and totes.

Logo'd Gear products help to spread branding while beating the heat.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Logo'd Gear: Innovative Promotions for Innovative Businesses

The sweet taste of success took a delightful new form for Red Ventures when Logo'd Gear broke the mold for them, delivering scrumptious branded cookies to celebrate the successful business relationship built between the two companies. The distinctive Red Ventures logo made each treat a feast for the eye as well as the palate.

The magnificent new Red Ventures building is just one of the ways Red Ventures shows pride in their work and their employees. When the Best Place to Work in Charlotte celebrates, only the very best will do. For such a momentous company growing rapidly every day, Red Ventures approached Logo'd Gear for promotional products that captured the spirit of innovation Red Ventures is known for. Logo'd Gear came through with something original to celebrate this relationship.

Of course, Logo'd Gear is known for producing products any business is proud to put their corporate logo on. Customers always expect high-quality shirts, cups, totes, pens, and desktop accessories. Promotional cookies, though, take the cake (so to speak). Logo'd Gear is creative and innovative enough to go the extra mile and provide customers with novel and exciting ways to spread branding.

Businesses have to stand out in tough economic times if they're to grow and thrive. Providing superior products and services isn't enough if a business name doesn't spring to mind when a need arises. Logo'd Gear pulls out all the stops for customers, offering not only tried and true products, but also groundbreaking ideas to present branding in fresh new ways that have sticking power in the minds of customers. The top-rate quality of products from Logo'd Gear associates branding with quality. The durability of Logo'd Gear products conveys that a business is there for the long haul. Unique special promotional items from Logo'd Gear create a powerful impression of cutting-edge thinking.

Social media such as FaceBook and LinkedIn are buzzing with news of the cookies that were such a big hit.  The folks at Logo'd Gear are always ready to step out for customers, making sure that their branding makes the best possible impression, to bring old customers back and new customers in.