Monday, May 19, 2014

The HR Minute -- Involve and Solve

Involve Employees to Help Solve Safety Issues -- It’s Simple!

The Concern:
A construction company saw an increase in the number of injuries that were
occurring on its job sites and needed to take action. Not only were they
concerned about employee safety but if they continued to have accidents, they
feared an increase in their insurance costs as well as possible lawsuits related to injuries.

The company was committed to improving safety and protecting its employees
from harmful situations. They not only wanted to remind workers how to be safe on the job but also wanted to enlist their help in correcting safety-related issues and concerns.

The Solution:
The company initiated a new safety incentive program and decided to use small tally books with clear insert pages to help employees get involved.
A list of safety tips and goals as well as details regarding the new safety incentive program were placed in the clear insert pages. Each employee was asked to review the safety tips regularly. In addition workers were urged to record safety hazards at the work site and provide a suggestion on how to eliminate the hazard.

At the end of each week, workers turned in their suggestions, and the hazards
were then identified and corrected. All suggestions were submitted into a
random weekly drawing and the worker/s whose name was drawn was awarded a prize. The more suggestions submitted by a worker the better his/her odds of winning, and the more safety improvements for the company.

The Results:
Safety awareness increased and the number of accidents decreased. Employee
involvement and morale also increased significantly as employees felt their
ideas and suggestions were not only valued and appreciated, but also part of the solution. Employees continued to use their tally books and submit suggestions.

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