Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter Emergencies

With the weather turning cold again, people's thoughts are turning toward preparation for winter. Helping people to be prepared for winter roadside emergencies is a great way for a business to develop a reputation for caring.

The first concern in a winter emergency is staying warm until help arrives. Ideally, that means running the vehicle's heater. If the heater is working and there is plenty of fuel, warmth isn't a problem, but possible carbon monoxide build-up is. A small shovel is invaluable for making sure that the exhaust pipe remains clear so that the air inside the car remains fresh and healthy.

If fuel runs out or the heater isn't working, staying warm becomes more of a challenge. At the very least, every passenger needs a warm blanket and winter hat. Many people going from home to school or office don't dress for bitter weather if they're going to be in a heated vehicle, so having warmer clothing on hand can be a life saver. Heavy socks, insulated boots, a warm coat, and gloves or mittens can take the misery out of waiting and help prevent dangerous hypothermia. Emergency warming packs can help to keep hands and feet toasty.

Staying warm burns calories. High-calorie snacks and drinks will be welcome in an emergency. Many emergency ration kits come equipped with chemical heaters. A little water causes a chemical reaction that heats the food or drink to 200 degrees. Not only does this reaction heat the food or drink, but it also provides additional warmth. The chemical heaters can also be purchased separately.

Most people nowadays have cell phones with them to call for help, but it's still important to be visible. Roadside flares are a quick attention-getter and can be seen even in bad weather conditions.

Many items for emergency kits are readily available at Logo'd Gear. Blankets, hats, scarves and gloves, and custom sweatshirts are easily available, branded with any company logo. Logo'd Gear also offers cold-weather and auto kits, pre-loaded with an assortment of necessary items for winter emergencies. Even single-use hand warmers can be emblazoned with the company logo.

But businesses need not limit themselves to what's in the catalog. A call to Logo'd Gear is the first step to exploring how to get the company brand on what customers will need most during the cold months ahead

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Logo'd Gear Offers the Best in Tradeshow Apparel

Embroidered polo shirts for trade shows don't have to be expensive.
Logo'd Gear can provide durable and attractive shirts, embroidered
with the company logo, for as little as $11.99 each. In spite of the
low price, these are quality shirts in 100% cotton. With a flat knit
collar and open hem sleeves, these shirts are available in colorfast
black, red, royal blue, navy blue, or dark green.

Logo'd Gear even sets up the logo for free with the purchase of these embroidered tradeshow shirts, providing single-location embroidery of up to 8,000 stitches -- more than sufficient for 90% of corporate logos.

Of course, Logo'd Gear offers a wide assortment of other styles of
embroidered tradeshow shirts. Our woven shirts come in both
short-sleeve and long-sleeve designs in a rainbow of colors. Polos and knits come in varieties such as Easy Care, Performance Fabrics, Organic, Silk TouchT, Mock & Turtleneck, and Sweaters. Many shirts are also designed to provide the best fit for youth, tall adults, and

Perhaps a company's image is more geared toward active wear. Logo'd Gear offers t-shirts, tanks, and long sleeves. Of course, Logo'd Gear is known for offering the finest well-tailored shirts in all styles, with subtle touches that project the most professional image, even in casual wear.

Any of the range of apparel from Logo'd Gear can be embroidered with the company logo, making employees easy to identify with the firm, even when they're away from the booth. Each employee's professionalism and knowledge will quickly be associated with the organization's branding. Logo'd Gear's many bags and totes also make it a breeze to put together an entire harmonizing ensemble.

Embroidered tradeshow shirts from Logo'd Gear can also be paired with pants or shorts that combine a sharp look and high quality for a consistent appearance among all of a corporation's representatives. Potential customers can easily identify a company's knowledgeable staff no matter where they are at the show.

An added benefit to using branded clothing from Logo'd Gear is the reduced stress for professionals attending trade shows. Packing for the show is easy, because employees don't need to worry about choosing appropriate clothing to represent the firm. Co-workers are easy to spot in a crowd. The easy-care fabrics make sending clothing out for laundering worry-free.

Companies can take many hassles out of tradeshow preparation by using the fine products from Logo'd Gear.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime Protection From Logo'd Gear

It's been a hot, dry summer, and likely to get hotter. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), more Americans die from heat than from any other weather phenomenon. This underscores the importance of remaining cool and well-hydrated. Logo'd Gear offers the perfect promotional items to ward off the heat during any outdoor summer activity.

Personal misters are ultra-refreshing, and Logo'd Gear offers the highest-quality ABS plastic. These misters never need batteries, come in a variety of bright colors, and offer plenty of room for a corporate logo.

Battery-operated mini-fans offer immediate cooling relief with minimal effort. A screen printed logo reminds users of who is providing this respite from the misery of a sweltering day. Some styles also offer neck cords, writs cords, or LED lights.

Drinking plenty of water is vital on hot days, especially if people are participating in sports events. Logo'd Gear offers bottled natural spring water, custom-labeled with full, four-color printing. Bulk purchasing can bring the price down as low as 24 cents a bottle.

Branded windshield shades and side window shades keep cars cooler while folks are enjoying summer festivities.

A fridge or freezer full of cold packs can offer quick cooling for hot skin or first aid for a sprain or bruise. Logo'd Gear sells both reusable and biodegradable single-use ice packs. Like all Logo'd Gear products, these ice packs are a great way to spread branding with a company logo.

Heat isn't the only summer risk. Assorted sunscreen products, including lotions, zinc sticks, and sprays, protect against sunburn and are available in a variety of bottles, sticks, and single-use pouches ready for branding. For those who miss a spot or forget to use sunscreen, Logo'd gear also offers soothing aloe gel. Logo-ready UV detectors display the temperature and the intensity of UV rays -- vital information for outdoor events.

Branded sunglasses or visors protect the eyes from glare. Logo'd Gear can add a corporate logo or team mascot to sunglasses in scores of styles, from fun and simple to ultra-stylish.

To deal with minor injuries at outdoor events, first aid kits are invaluable, whether they're mini kits for personal use or larger kits to keep at a first aid station. Kits come in a variety of styles and colors, from sturdy boxes to flexible soft-side bags and totes.

Logo'd Gear products help to spread branding while beating the heat.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Logo'd Gear: Innovative Promotions for Innovative Businesses

The sweet taste of success took a delightful new form for Red Ventures when Logo'd Gear broke the mold for them, delivering scrumptious branded cookies to celebrate the successful business relationship built between the two companies. The distinctive Red Ventures logo made each treat a feast for the eye as well as the palate.

The magnificent new Red Ventures building is just one of the ways Red Ventures shows pride in their work and their employees. When the Best Place to Work in Charlotte celebrates, only the very best will do. For such a momentous company growing rapidly every day, Red Ventures approached Logo'd Gear for promotional products that captured the spirit of innovation Red Ventures is known for. Logo'd Gear came through with something original to celebrate this relationship.

Of course, Logo'd Gear is known for producing products any business is proud to put their corporate logo on. Customers always expect high-quality shirts, cups, totes, pens, and desktop accessories. Promotional cookies, though, take the cake (so to speak). Logo'd Gear is creative and innovative enough to go the extra mile and provide customers with novel and exciting ways to spread branding.

Businesses have to stand out in tough economic times if they're to grow and thrive. Providing superior products and services isn't enough if a business name doesn't spring to mind when a need arises. Logo'd Gear pulls out all the stops for customers, offering not only tried and true products, but also groundbreaking ideas to present branding in fresh new ways that have sticking power in the minds of customers. The top-rate quality of products from Logo'd Gear associates branding with quality. The durability of Logo'd Gear products conveys that a business is there for the long haul. Unique special promotional items from Logo'd Gear create a powerful impression of cutting-edge thinking.

Social media such as FaceBook and LinkedIn are buzzing with news of the cookies that were such a big hit.  The folks at Logo'd Gear are always ready to step out for customers, making sure that their branding makes the best possible impression, to bring old customers back and new customers in.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cutter & Buck Embroidered Logo Shirts

Logo’d Gear is a premier provider of Cutter & Buck apparel.  Appeal not only to the discriminating taste, but to shoppers who are looking for social responsibility in a company they do business with. Logo’d Gear and Cutter & Buck believe in providing customers with superior value, employees with a superior work environment, and our community with superior business practices. Logo’d Gear seeks out responsible suppliers and vendors who share our values and provide quality products in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

From corporate and team wear, to stylish casual clothing for sports and recreation, the discerning customer can find the best that money can buy at Cutter & Buck. Classic styles are combined with the best modern fabrics and contemporary accents to please every taste.

Our polo shirts feature the attention to detail that shoppers have come to expect from us. From men of smaller stature to men over 6'4", from the slender to the broad-chested, our proportioned sizes provide an excellent fit.

Our women's polo shirts are cut to flatter the figure, with subtle styling differences to give a more feminine feel. Both our short-sleeve and sleeveless styles are made to move with you and keep their shape. Our ANNIKA collection, inspired by golfer Annika Sorenstam, offer the ultimate in sophistication.

Cutter & Buck polo shirts are made with the finest quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. Or fabrics include lustrous mercerized jersey, enzyme-washed and combed cotton piqué, and rich jacquard weave. Our Signature Collection offers the classic cut of a polo shirt combined with our most luxurious fabrics.

Cutter & Buck shirts feature the distinctive embroidered C&B logo; the emblem of quality and good taste. Embroidered logos are available to show your support for your favorite Major League Baseball, National Football League, collegiate team or corporate logo.

Since Cutter & Buck was founded in 1990, they have become a premier provider of corporate apparel. Logo’d Gear is your one source for all Cutter & Buck apparel. Whether it's for your own wardrobe, as a gift, as a sports uniform, or for corporate wear, these polo shirts are sure to please.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What happens when you build trust? Sales happen!

What happens when you build trust?  Sales happen!

Extend your brand at every opportunity to build credibility and trust.

How does extending your brand build trust?

  1. It creates visibility.  With visibility comes trust. The first time a potential client sees your brand should not be the first time you walk in the door.  They should have already seen your brand someplace, somehow, someway and should already have a sense of who you are and what kind of company you represent.  Meaningful conversation can begin quickly.  Wow, talk about power! 

  1. It creates buzz.  Extend your brand into the marketplace with quality, useful and creative logo’d gear, by associating with dynamic reputable organizations, and by participating in high visibility events.   They’ll be talking about you!

  1. It creates familiarity.  Through your blog, a tweet, or through other social media.  By using logo’d products – YOUR logo’d products -- they appreciate and love.

  1. It creates comfort.  We all need to be comfortable with whom we do business.  No comfort level, no trust.  The more your customers see your brand, the easier it is for them to see your brand as a trusted leader in your industry.

Are you extending your brand and building trust by staying in front of your customers?

Friday, February 11, 2011

How to make a tradeshow profitable - we have a plan!

1.  Prepare months in advance.   Develop a written action plan and timeline with specific tasks to be completed and assign names of individuals responsible for accomplishing each.   Details matter!   Think about and commit to the look of your tradeshow booth, plan how you will communicate before, during and after the show, determine who’s going and what apparel each person will wear that will reflect a cohesive look and professional image, make travel arrangements, and select a memorable and effective giveaway item.

2. Pick the right tradeshow.   You know where your customers are.  Participate in that tradeshow and make an impact.

3. Market yourself before the show.   Don’t go to any tradeshow with the idea that you are going to walk away with orders without some advance marketing.  Tell all likely attendees to the tradeshow that you are going and tell them multiple times.  Traditional mail, email, tweet, company facebook page, blog, on hold message, account managers, customer service managers, and any other way you typically communicate with clients and potential clients.  Tell them WHY they should come see you – Do you have a new or upgraded product or service offering? Are you offering a special discount?  Is this an opportunity to finally meet face to face?

4. Stand out in the crowd.   Set yourself apart from other participants with a unique look that showcases your brand, peaks interest, and drives attendees to your booth.    Give 2 levels of promotional items -- one that you can give away to the “collectors” and one that you give away to clients and true prospects.   Branded items should be targeted to your customer base.  Whether your tradeshow audience is stay at home moms, plant managers, C level executives, or someone in between, know your audience and choose your giveaway item wisely.

5. Collect information about competition and clients.   Most tradeshows today allow for electronic collection of attendees information that is supplied to each show vendor.  Make sure you not only receive the list, but use it effectively to reach out to potential clients and existing customers.

6. Follow up with clients and prospects.  And not just once!  Track your sales from contacts at the show.  Commit to a goal of at least 3-5 times the cost of the show in sales over the next 12 months.  Never go to a show with the idea that we just want to “get our name out there.”  Spend your money on other marketing initiatives for this.  Tradeshows are intended to acquire new clients and expand relationships with current clients.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Client Appreciation Marketing

Be unique, thank your clients.

1. Say “Thank You”, at every opportunity.   How many of us write up the order, turn it in and go to the next prospect or task at hand?  I mean, we’re doing our clients a favor, aren’t we?  Our product and service is better than the competition.  We delivered it on time, without hassle, under budget and we threw in some added value to the whole order on the back end. They should be thanking me, right?  Think again. 

If you don’t go out of your way every time you come in contact with a client or prospect to thank them for their time, the order, the opportunity to be in the running, the coffee while you are in their waiting room, etc. etc., then you are missing an opportunity to remind them that you are there to serve and become an integral part of their team as a vendor or as a partner.

2. Say “Thank You”, at every contact with a useful gift.  Pen, ruler, travel mug, paper cube, calendar or any one of thousands of other branded items.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to be something of value for that particular industry or person.  Make sure YOUR company brand stays in front of the customer and your prospects!

3. Say “Thank You”, after the sale.  This is the most under utilized common courtesy in American business.  In other countries it’s done on every sale by giving a gift back to the customer as a thank you for their business.  Not in America.  Even if it’s just a thank you card, do it!  But if you want to really make an impact, send them something that will cause them to reflect on you and how great it was to do business with your company.

4. Say “Thank You”, at the end of the year or during the holidays.  Your top clients need to be remembered at the end of every year.  Take this opportunity to set yourself apart by sending a branded gift that tastes great or a logo’d gift that will be used time and time again throughout the coming year.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be unique and be remembered.

5. Say “Thank You”, with random acts of appreciation.  Random gifts that show appreciation are always good!  They are remembered and appreciated even more --unexpected random gifts are great way to show your customers that they are thought of and valued, not just during the normal gift-giving time of year.  Standing out and being remembered is what it’s all about.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rule of 27

You only truly see one out of three ads put in front of you. And you only take action after seeing a brand marketed to you one out of nine times. So, it takes something like 27 hits from a brand for a prospect to even respond. Think about that for a second. Are your customers and prospects getting all 27 hits with their prospects?

In EVERY economy, including this one, some companies kick the ass of their competitors. If you want to be the one kicking it, start pushing 27 hits with your clients and prospects. Teach clients and prospects how to use the Rule of 27 with branded apparel and promotional products to grow their business and improve their marketing. By: Cameron Herold