Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Start a Corporate Health and Wellness Program

What is the easiest way to increase your lifespan, improve your quality of life AND to decrease your company healthcare costs by thousands of dollars?

Did you know that currently 62% of companies with 200+ employees provide wellness programs? There is a great reason for this – comprehensive wellness programs WORK. They result in healthier and happier employees who are able to perform better at all levels.

So how can you implement a health and wellness program in your company? Here’s a great list of ideas: How do you kick off your new program?

Start with a branded health/fitness journal for those who sign-up to participate. This is a great way to encourage your employees and a terrific way for individuals to keep up with progress. Our journals even give great tips on eating and staying in shape!

Or, how about kicking off your wellness program with a stainless steel water bottle and pedometer? Have Friday Funday contests to see who can put the most miles on their pedometer each week!

If you already have a health and wellness program in your company, think about re-energizing it with incentive gifts for participation, meeting goals and exceeding goals. Try incentive gives that promote healthy activity such as logod golf balls, jump ropes, workout (yoga) mats, Ogio gym bags, Frisbees, and dryfit sports apparel. Here’s to happy and healthy living!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010 – What’s Hot? (And what’s not?)

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Earth Day is a perfect time to renew your company’s commitment to any green efforts or to launch a new campaign for your clients. Here's a list of what's hot - and what's not! - as we celebrate Earth Day today:

What’s Hot?

What’s Not?

Digital Presentations that can be uploaded to your website or logo’d USB drives to leave with your customers

Using lots of paper to print off multiple copies of presentations

Soft, durable bamboo apparel made from renewable resources. Hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, natural fibers keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Polo shirts made from nylon or other non-biodegradablematerials that trap heat next to the body and don’t breathe.

BPA-free drinkware including
travel mugs and water bottles or re-usable stainless steel bottles.

Styrofoam cups or plastic bottles. (Did you know plastic soda bottles can take up to 450 YEARS to decompose?

Recycling office electronics and used ink cartridges.

Throwing unwanted or used equipment or cartridges in the dumpster out back.

Pens made from bio-degradable corn plastic.

Hard plastic non-biodegradable ink pens.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Should You Go BPA Free?

We run special sales on items each week. This week our special pricing is for BPA Free coffee mugs and water bottles. Sounds pretty cool, right? But what is BPA? And why is BPA Free is the way to go?

What is BPA?
Very simply put, BPA is an organic compound used as a building block in plastics and plastic additives. Unfortunately, concerns about its safety have been around since the 1930s. In fact, in 2009, the FDA released a report raising concerns about its safety for infants and young children. Studies are showing potential links between BPA exposure and cancer, obesity, neurological issues, thyroid function and diabetes.

Here’s a quick list of Reasons to Go BPA-Free!

1. Scientific studies are conclusively showing that it is healthier for you and your children
to reduce your long-term exposure to BPA.
2. Non-plastic drinkware (like a stainless steel coffee mug) is tougher and less likely to break.
3. It is more expensive to recycle plastics containing BPA with a smaller aftermarket for the
recycled resins that are produced.

So choose to go BPA Free in your office and at home. When it’s time to purchase coffee mugs and water bottles for your company and your clients, call us and make sure you specify BPA Free. The added benefit to your bottom line? They’re on sale now through Earth Day on April 22nd!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Effective Transitioning Between Old and New Management

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another – we get a new manager. For some, it’s more than just a new manager, it’s a whole new management team. This recently happened to a new client of ours. How they handled the transition is an interesting case study.

This particular client has about 500 employees located in various offices around the United States. They have been in business for a number of years and had developed a very “old-school” management philosophy. When the owners decided to sell the business, new management came in with new ideas, new philosophies and a new energy.

They had many challenges. How would they allay the natural fears that come with any change in management style? How would they create a close-knit team feeling and loyalty among their employees and boost morale at the same time? How would they make sure that the new management philosophy became part of the attitude and customer service efforts of their employees?

First, the management team sat down and devised a new three-part mission statement that more accurately reflected their forward-thinking positive business philosophy. This three-part mission statement translated easily into 3 short memorable messages.

Next, they selected several promotional products to use as gifts for their employees. Each promotional product is imprinted with one of the new branding messages. These products were specifically selected for their usability and thus, visibility on each employee’s desk.

Next, to foster the feeling of belonging to one team (rather than several disjointed groups) they designed imprinted t-shirts and other logod apparel for their employees.

And last, the management team created an incentive program. By reaching certain milestones or simply for doing a great job, employees earn incentive points that allow them to select whatever branded promotional items they want – from leather portfolios to backpacks to laptop cases to pens to coffee mugs to…well, you get the idea. It lets their employees create their own incentive gifts.

Transitioning from old to new is never easy, but with programs like the one described above, a new management team can help make change easier in a cost-effective way.

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